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Family LawFamily Law

Our firm is dedicated to providing our family law clients thorough management of complex family law matters while simultaneously ensuring compassionate counsel to our clients. Our experienced attorneys zealously represent our clients, whether in trial or settlement discussions. The family law practice offers a wide array of family law services, including divorce, including complex property division, spousal and child support, complex child custody (including move-away orders), paternity issues, premarital and postmarital agreements, post-divorce and support modifications, as well as dissolution of domestic partnerships and same-sex marriages. As a natural extension from our firm’s business practice areas, our clients often include financially-well-positioned business executives and professionals. Thus, our clients appreciate our straight forward, candid, and results-orientated approach to family law issues. We have experience in the highly technical area of litigating our client’s individual community property share of businesses, significant assets, as well as earnings. Undoubtedly, individuals going through family law issues are involved in a tumultuous experience. Understanding this, we provide our clients with not only fastidious legal representation, but also timely and responsive communication. We possess the experience and demeanor to provide not only the delicate guidance to our clients, but also the aggressive litigation representation when opposing the other party involved in the family law matter.